About Us

AIMM is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that seeks to protect marine species through our research and conservation efforts, especially of those inhabiting the Atlantic Ocean.


Founded in 2010, AIMM's work has expanded from our base in South Portugal to the coasts of Africa, with the focus of our work being marine mammals in their natural environment.

Our Mission

To protect marine mammals through scientific research, and by educating and providing opportunities for people to better understand the part of the earth we don’t live in, but are interconnected with.

Our Vision

Is for AIMM to:

Be a reference for research, education and conservation of the Atlantic Ocean’s wildlife and environment

By identifying their threats and mitigating their effects

Provide scientific data on effective conservation measures, monitoring programs and marine management policies

So as to promote a healthier and safer environment for marine life

Encourage responsible code of conduct and quality education in cetacean-related tourism activities

By promoting respect for wildlife in their natural environment

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