ggplot2 in R

An introduction to data visualisation 

(without losing the plot) 

This 3h workshop is ideal for Masters and PhD students, as well as professionals who wants to improve their skills in statistics with the R software. The aims of this workshop are to make the participants aware of the importance of good data visualisation, understand the basic syntax for making plots with R, produce a plot using ggplot2, and improve the capability to produce more complex ggplot2 plots.

Course Description

Your research will most likely generate information that at some point you will wish to make some sense of! Data visualisation is an effective tool to display key findings, be it your own or someone else’s that you wish to interpret. This workshop is designed for those who wish to understand how good plots can be created using the statistical software R.

Numerous online tools are available to create plots. This workshop will start from basic concepts and will then focus specifically on the ggplot2 package, a popular “powerful graphics language for creating elegant and complex plots”.

Examples will be presented to illustrate do’s and don’ts, and practical exercises will be carried out to demonstrate some challenges and capabilities. Participants are invited to bring a plot from their data to illustrate their work and expectations from the workshop.


By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Appreciate the value of good data visualisation outputs;

  • Understand simple syntax for producing plots in R;

  • Produce a plot using ggplot2;

  • Be equipped to produce more complex ggplot2 plots.


Post-graduate students (Master and PhD level) and researchers who wish to improve their statistical competencies with R software.

About the Tutor

Cláudia Faustino is marine biologist with a joint PhD between Biology (Univ. Aveiro, PT) and Maths & Stats (Univ. St Andrews, UK). She studies animal distribution and potential overlaps with human activities. Her main work tool is R which she uses daily to generate model outputs and display those in maps. Cláudia is also a proficient Stats tutor and has been involved in tutoring for larger classes and workshops.


30 € for non students;

25 € for students and former participants at AIMM 


Date and Time

24th February 2021 - 10h to 13h (UTC time)



Live and online, this workshop take place though ZOOM 



Participants must use a computer with the programme R and the ggplot2 package installed. Additionally, it is recommended to use RStudio.
R can be downloaded from
RStudio Desktop Open Source Edition is available from; It requires R2.11.1+ to be installed. The package ggplot2 is available from the CRAN library.