COVID-19 Pandemic



Definition- Action plan for the contingency of the Covid-19 Pandemic, accumulated with the measures to comply with the “Clean & Safe” Seal, defined and edited by Turismo de Portugal. The plan below is based on technical knowledge and common sense, in addition with a clear and objective language. The same will be posted in all sections and all the employees have the full understanding and knowledge. It is as follows:


Personal, common and mandatory procedures for all employees:

  1. Sanitization of hands - wash your hands frequently with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, which has at least 70% alcohol, covering all surfaces of the hands and rubbing them until they are dry.

  2. Respiratory label- cough or sneeze into the flexed forearm or use a tissue, which should then be immediately thrown away; hand hygiene always after coughing or sneezing and after blowing; avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

  3. Social conduct - change the frequency and way of contact between staff and also between the staff and the participants, avoiding (when possible) close contact, handshaking, kissing, sharing utensils, glasses and towels.

  4. Body temperature measurement - upon arrival at AIMM, the mandatory body temperature measurement of all participants will be carried out by means of an infrared thermometer, being prevented from entering the facilities, if the body temperature is equal to or greater than 37.5 degrees. The refusal to submit to the measurement described will, by default, be considered a measurement with 37.5 degrees or higher.

  5. Vehicle take-offs- whenever necessary the use of vehicles will be mandatory the use of protective masks


Precautions to be followed:

  1. At the AIMM facilities, a disinfectant product dispenser will be placed at the entrance, for example and depending on availability, alcohol gel or alcohol; as well as in the research boat and in the vehicles used by AIMM;

  2. Disinfection of workstations will be carried out daily and whenever necessary, using a disinfectant product, taking special care with keyboards, computer mouse, telephones and mobile phones, staplers, perforators, staple extractors, pencils and pens, door and window handles.

  3. The bathrooms will be cleaned in each use, will be sprayed the toilet, toilet cover, flush button, door handles, sink and taps or handles, with a disinfectant product, available in each bathroom.

  4. Each use of AIMM vehicles will be disinfected using a disinfectant product;


Guidelines to follow when cleaning spaces:

  1. Before starting cleaning or tidying a room, spray bleach-based disinfectant solution on all knobs, handles, handles or handles (entry door, bathroom door, balcony door, windows);

  2. Every day, all doors and windows at the house will be opened, helping air circulation;

  3. Proceed by spraying bleach-based disinfectant solution onto the toilet, toilet lid, bidet, sinks, marble countertops, bathtubs, taps and handles, flushing drive mechanism;

  4. Wait 15 minutes for the action of the disinfectant product;

  5. Only then can you start cleaning, tidying or replacing your clothes;

  6. At each cleaning intervention, whoever performed it will carefully wash the gloves that are still on, using a bleach-based disinfectant solution. Immediately after wash the hands using the liquid soap, rubbing intensely through for at least 30 seconds, before rinsing;

  7. All things received from outside will be sanitized with a disinfectant solution, before entering the section and being stored.

  8. The bed linen and towels will be washed, at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and with the inclusion of bleach in the recommended and approved doses;


Precautions to follow in the kitchen:

  1. During the process of cold products in the kitchen (desserts, salads, raw vegetables, etc.) it is always mandatory to use a mask and gloves;

  2.  All crockery and kitchen utensils must be machine washed at high temperatures.

Precautions to follow in the pool area:

  1. All equipment in the pool area (loungers, side tables, chairs, hammocks, mattresses, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected daily and whenever necessary;

  2. The chemical control of the water quality of the swimming pools will be carried out in compliance with legal norms;


Precautions to be taken in case of suspected infection:

  1. Notify the coordinator immediately, so that contingency measures are put in place;

  2. In case of suspicious symptoms, you should go to the isolation room, defined for that purpose;

  3. The person (s) concerned immediately goes into isolation (quarantine);

  4. Immediately contact the SNS 24 line, waiting for instructions;

  5. The room or space where the person suspected of infection was, whether at home or in the isolation room, will be isolated and disinfected, following the standard procedure, described below.

  6. All the supply of drinks and food, or even medicines, will be done only and exclusively by placing it on a small bench in front of the door of the quarantined room, advising by phone that the person in quarantine can open the door and collect the products, then closing the door;

  7. Anything that leaves the garbage in the quarantined room, will preferably be incinerated or treated with pure bleach, before final disposal in containers;

  8. All and any change of clothes or cleaning and sanitizing the quarantine room, will be carried out by the quarantine person;

  9. The clothes of a room declared in quarantine, will be collected by the responsible coordinator equipped with a mask or visor, double glove, plastic coat (as this EPI is non-existent, a homemade version will be used, made with resistant plastic bags), rubber boots and a hair ring, being carefully collected from the floor in front of the door of the quarantined room, left there by the person in isolation, and placed in a box for this purpose, identified with the labels of “contagious” and delivered to laundry in a separate area especially for this purpose;

  10. The laundry will also use extreme precaution and the same set of EPI mentioned above in item 9, using the washing machine exclusively for this service, with double washing of clothes, at a temperature of 90 degrees and with the inclusion of bleach in the recommended and approved doses;

  11. The linen in a quarantined room will only be used for this room;

  12. After the participant's departure and if the analyses to Covid-19 are negative, the clothes after being double treated, can return to the hotel's general clothes and the procedure is considered finished;

  13. If the analyses are positive, after the participant's departure, all clothing will be incinerated;

  14. All waste produced by suspected infection will be packed in plastic bags, which after being closed with a clamp, will be segregated and sent to a licensed operator for the management of hospital waste with biological risk;

  15. After a room that was quarantined was vacated, properly equipped with the set of EPI described in item 9 above, proceed with the total opening of all doors and windows, starting to spray bleach-based disinfectant solution on all furniture, equipment, walls and ceiling, repeating the procedure in 24 hours, only after proceeding to a thorough cleaning;

  16. A room that has been quarantined can only be used again, after strictly following the procedure provided for in the previous item, always following that, a minimum period of 10 days of complete air circulation, with doors and windows open.


IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with any of the guidelines provided in here will be considered a serious fault and cause for dismissal for just cause for AIMM workers. For AIMM participants and employees, non-compliance with these measures will be considered a reason for expulsion.



Implemented and distributed on May 15, 2020.

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