O que dizem sobre nós!

- Temporada de 2018

 I chose to come to AIMM as I was excited by the prospect of being able find out more about the wide range of cetaceans which can be found in the Algarve. I had a wonderful 2 weeks with AIMM and I particularly enjoyed the moment when a minke whale swam very close alongside our boat. 

- Alice, Reino Unido - 2021

- Madeleine, USA - 2021

 I decided to come to AIMM to gain knowledge and experience in this field. Also to learn the kind of things that you don't learn in the university. 

- Alfredo, Espanha - 2021

- Ingrid, Guatemala - 2018

 I decided to come here to AIMM to gain experience, to see what marine research would be like, because I want to be a biologist. It was really interesting for me to arrive here, because we did data collection, I saw of course many animals, what was awesome! 

- Amicie, França - 2021

- Elias - 2018

 I came to AIMM because I'm really interested in conservation, looking out for animals, alongside as veterinary. And it really has been eye opening. Before coming here I've never seen a dolphin or a whale. Within 3 days of being here, I've seen a whale that has been caught inside a net, and it really shows you how real the problems are today. 

- Emily, Reino Unido - 2021

- Imre & Zai, Holanda - 2021

- Maya, USA - 2018

- Pia, Reino Unido - 2021

 One particular memory I have is, my very last day, we came across a pod of Risso’s Dolphins, and this young calf was swimming along with our boat for a while, and it was really cool to see this wild animal be so interested in our boat and so curious. AIMM is really special because of the community that comes along with this experience. It’s really exciting to be able to live with the people you work with because you really have time to grow and bond with them. 

- Juliette Levy

 I’m studying to be a marine biologist and AIMM’s offered me different set of skills. I think a really nice thing is how close you can get to the animals, sometimes so close that you can actually hear them from above the water. So when we’re doing focal follows with AIMM you can really stick with the animals for an entire hour, maybe an hour an a half, and for that time you can really observe and see some kind of group interactions as well. 

- Ashley Hughes

- Gregg, USA - 2021

- Floris, Holanda - 2021

- Nyncke, Holanda - 2021

- Gab and Renée, Holanda - 2021

- Eline, Holanda - 2021

- Gui e Alicia - Investigadores da AIMM

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