What they say about us!

- Season 2018

 I chose to come to AIMM as I was excited by the prospect of being able find out more about the wide range of cetaceans which can be found in the Algarve. I had a wonderful 2 weeks with AIMM and I particularly enjoyed the moment when a minke whale swam very close alongside our boat. 

- Alice, UK - 2021

- Madeleine, USA - 2021

 I decided to come to AIMM to gain knowledge and experience in this field. Also to learn the kind of things that you don't learn in the university. 

- Alfredo, Spain - 2021

- Ingrid, Guatemala - 2018

 I decided to come here to AIMM to gain experience, to see what marine research would be like, because I want to be a biologist. It was really interesting for me to arrive here, because we did data collection, I saw of course many animals, what was awesome! 

- Amicie, France - 2021

- Elias - 2018

 I came to AIMM because I'm really interested in conservation, looking out for animals, alongside as veterinary. And it really has been eye opening. Before coming here I've never seen a dolphin or a whale. Within 3 days of being here, I've seen a whale that has been caught inside a net, and it really shows you how real the problems are today. 

- Emily, UK - 2021

- Imre & Zai, Netherlands - 2021

- Maya, USA - 2018

- Pia, UK - 2021

- Gregg, USA - 2021

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