GIS in Biology: A Beginner's Course

This course aims to introduce biologists to GIS analysis. It will cover the basics of GIS, with emphasis on gaining not just theoretical knowledge, but solid practical experience as well, through exercises specifically tailored for biological research. A licensed copy of ArcGIS 10.x (including extensions) is required to attend this course (click here for 60-day trial version in case you don't have the software already). No prior knowledge of GIS is necessary.

The course will be taught by Róbert Szücs (GIS analyst).


Place: Albufeira, Portugal

Dates: To be defined

Price: 250€ (regular) | 180€ (students and ENGO active members) | 120€ (AIMM active and former members)

Applications: (subject "Application GIS course")

Main topics:


  • What is GIS and why should it be part of all biologists repertoire.

  • Some geographical basics, projections and coordinate systems.

  • ArcGIS software and it's user interface.

  • GIS data types, vector vs. raster.

  • GIS data collection.

  • Using GPS data.

  • Basic mapmaking.

  • Examples of biological research using vector GIS data.

  • Examples of biological research using raster GIS data.

  • Investigating spatial relationship between different data sources.