Code of Conduct for Dolphin & Whale Watching




  1. ASSESS the animal, or group, and their movement.
  2. If there are more vessels in the area, COORDINATE YOUR APPROACH maneuver through the radio.
  3. APPROACH the animal or group slowly, from behind and to the side and remain in a parallel position.
  4. Maintain the SAME SPEAD AND HEADING as the animal or group.
  5. KEEP CALM and avoid making noises.
  6. Stay a MAXIMUM OF 30 MINUTES with the animal or group.



DO NOT get closer than 30 meters to an animal or group, and allow more than 3 boats within 100 meters!

DO NOT change speed and/or heading inside the 100 meters proximity zone!

DO NOT chase the animal or divide the group!

DO NOT position your boat in front of the animal or group!

DO NOT use reverse, unless it is an emergency!

DO NOT touch, feed or swim with the animal or group!

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