This is an area in which AIMM has always operated. We carry out educational programs with schools, organizations and other entities interested in the ocean, to increase awareness and understanding of the marine environment, in order to present solutions that can reduce the human impact. We have been increasingly collaborating with several universities, national and international, regularly receiving motivated students to develop their master's and/or PHD theses or other research projects.

For collaborations or development of education projects, contact us.

Educational programs:

Nauticinblu Project

Four days of activities with students from a school in Almada, Lisbon area.


Tour Escola a Bordo

An Educational and Environmental Tour through schools of the Algarve.


Advanced training in marine science

Workshops and training can be arranged as per your needs.

Student supervision

Collaborations with national and foreign universities.

Educational sessions on marine conservation

Conducted in collaboration with local schools with varying levels of education (kindergarten to university). 

Educational activities

Environmental fairs, festivals and other similar events, both nationally and internationally. Some past national events include BioBlitz, Sagres Birdwatching and Nature Activities Festival, with whale fest being an international one. 

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