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Shark fin trade soon to be banned in the EU?

Since AIMM is one of the organizations supporting #FinBanNow, we are pleased to inform you that the Commission recognized the importance of sharks and their protection, as well as the EU’s responsibility in the global fin trade! (EU Commissions response on #FinBanNow). 🦈🇪🇺

Currently, 45% of fins imported by the main Asian markets are supplied by the EU. More than 100 000 000 sharks are killed every year, mainly for their fins and 167 shark species are threatened with extinction.

By 2022, the shark fin market was worth almost half a billion dollars a year. With a selling price of between €400/kilo and €800/kilo depending on the species, the fin trade is a threat that weighs heavily on sharks.

How are these fins taken? 

With the activity known as “finning” : the sharks are captured, their fins are cut off, and the sharks are released back into the water… but without a body part. This leaves them only with one fate, to die in a slowly and agonizing way.

Fortunately, this practice has been banned in the European Union since 2013. However, the sale of shark fins is still legal and has not slowed down.

Meeting with Commissioner Sinkevicius on 13 July in Brussels.

There have been several victories in recent months:

👉 After years of campaigning to ban the shark fin trade on its territory, on June 29 2023 the British government finally passed the Shark Fins Act 🇬🇧. This protest started with a petition in 2020, which shows the strength of the collective action!

👉 The European Commission was forced to analyze the citizens’ request and recognized the importance of sharks and their protection, as well as the EU’s responsibility in the global fin trade. The European Commission will launch an impact study on the environmental, social and economic consequences of a ban on shark finning in the EU. 

Join the more than 1,100,000 European citizens and over 100 NGOs who have already taken up this fight with the ‘Stop Finning – Stop the trade’ citizens’ initiative.

By taking action to support the movement:

  • Help us keep up the pressure by signing the open letter to EU representatives.
  • You can also donate
  • Or just spread the work by sharing it on social media @stopfinningpt and @stopfinningeu 
  • Don’t forget to visit their website
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