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We were at the SMM 2022!

The goal of this conference is to share the latests research and discoveries in the marine mammal field with the scientific community as well as enhancing collaboration, sharing ideas and improving the quality of research on marine mammals.

Our president Joana Castro presented the work of AIMM on the fission-fusion of common dolphins in Portugal.
Our Researcher Alicia Quirin will present her and other researchers’ work on persistent organic pollutant concentrations in bottlenose dolphins in Charleston, South Carolina.
Joana with Angela Ziltener, president of the Dolphin Watch Alliance organization.
Joana and Alicia with the team from Snotbot, from Ocean Alliance.
Joana and Alicia encountered several past AIMM interns (years 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2022), now all working presently with marine animals.
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